How long will it take to receive my order?

It takes us 3 weeks to create your sign(s), and about 1 week for shipping, so you're looking at about 4 weeks total. Please make sure to plan accordingly.


Can I rush my order?

Yes! Every sign we offer comes with a 3 week and a 2 week shipping option, but they will cost more. Please email us at hello@oakydesigns.com to discuss expediting your order!


I don't see the sign I am wanting. Do you make custom signs?

We love doing custom work! Please send us an email to hello@oakydesigns.com including sizing, wording, and design idea and we can send you a quote.


What sizes do you offer your signs in?



What is the difference between vertical and horizontal grain?

Vertical grain means the smaller strips of wood that make up your sign run up and down. Horizontal grain means the smaller strips of wood that make up your sign run left to right. You can see an example below.


Do you have an example picture of Dark Walnut vs. Red Oak?


What is the most common stain choice?

Dark walnut


What is the most common size for welcome signs?

24"x36" is by far the most popular choice. 


What locations do you ship to?

We currently only ship to the U.S. Extra shipping fees apply to Hawaii and Alaska.


Where can I find an easel for my sign?

Our easel recomendations can be found here: 


How much do the signs weigh?

24x36 about 11 pounds

20x30 about 10 pounds

24x24 about 8 pounds

20x20 about 6 pounds

18x24 about 7 pounds

12x18 about 3 pounds

12x12 about 2 pounds


How thick are the boards?

They are approximately ¾” thick.


Are these hand-painted or made with vinyl lettering? Won't the vinyl peel off?

We choose to make our signs with vinyl lettering because we feel that it gives a cleaner, more crisp look to the wording. It also allows for consistency among all our products. We apply a protective coat to each sign to protect it from damage and peeling. If you ever have an issue with your sign, please contact us!


Can table numbers and small table signs stand on their own?

Yes! These smaller signs are ¾” thick and can stand on their own.


Do you offer any discounts in general or if I am going to be purchasing multiple items? 

Yes, orders over $150 qualify for a 10% discount. We also offer a $5 discount if you follow us on Facebook, Instagram and pin 3 of our items on Pinterest.


Do you offer any special discounts/incentives for wedding planners?

Absolutely! Please send us an email to hello@oakydesigns.com for more details.